X-Wing Aces High - Player's Pack


 This organised play event is designed for two tables of 4 players (8 in total) and is aimed at beginners and experienced players alike.
The event will begin with 8 double-sided Quick Build Cards being drafted from a randomly decided order of registered players. The Quick Build Cards consist of the below ships:
T-65 X-wing
Eta-2 Actis
RZ-1 A-wing
Firespray-class Patrol Craft
Xo-class Light Shuttle
TIE/rb Heavy
Droid Tri-Fighter
3 rounds will be played, each lasting at least 1 hour, with the final round having top players facing off against each other and the bottom players facing off.
Every player will reive a copy of each extended art card and player reference cards.
If you have any questions, please get in touch at the store or via email info@dukes-gaming.com.
For more information regarding Covid-19 restrictions please see here, or alternatively contact us at info@dukes-gaming.com.