Pre-Painted Miniatures - FAQ

What does Pre-Painted mean?
The miniature you order will be assembled and painted by a Duke's Gaming miniature painter to a table-top standard using the item's picture as a guide. Every effort will be made to replicate the colours pictured but some differences can occur (different tones for example).
Can I return my Pre-Painted Order?
All pre-painted miniatures are painted to your order, as such they are a bespoke item and are non-refundable. Should you have any questions about the item, please contact before ordering.
How long will my "Painted To Order" take to be delivered?

As these are painted to order, our miniature painting service can take between 2 and 6 weeks.Contact for current wait times. Or click here for pre-painted miniatures available to purchase now.

What if I want a different colour scheme to that shown in the product image?

For custom painted models and bespoke colour schemes, please contact to commission a specialist painted miniature.

What is "Table-Top Standard"?

Table-Top Standard means many different things to many different people. For Duke's Gaming, this means the use of 3-4 different colours and a wash on the miniature, and 2 colours and a wash on a textured base (if required). This is the standard used for the majority of our Pre-painted Miniatures. Please see below for examples of this standard.


Imperial Fists

Astra Militarum

Dragon Brawlers

Ork Nob

What is "Display Standard"?
When it comes to characters and certain small groups like Kill-Teams or Crews of 5-6 miniatures, Duke's Gaming likes to go the extra mile. In the case of Pre-Painted miniatures completed to a Display Standard, expect to find as many as 10 colours used on the figure. Technical powders and specialist painting techniques can be used, like weathering and object source lighting, along with a decorative or scenic base. Please see below for examples of this standard.
40k Imperial Knight
Night Haunter Primarch Night Lords Curze
 Pedro Kantor Crimson Fist
Angels of Redemption Space MArines Dark Angels 40k