The Colour Forge: Dice 'n' Tidy - Dice Tray & Organiser

The Colour Forge: Dice 'n' Tidy - Dice Tray & Organiser

  • £7.99

Dice 'n' Tidy is a combined dice tray & organiser for tabletop gamers of all varieties.

Tidy up that gaming space by keeping all your dice in one place right next to a perfectly smooth rolling space. No more cocked dice, no more dice rolling off the table and no more messing about to retrieve that dice that has somehow found its way inside a a piece of terrain...

The rolling area is spacious enough to handle a large number of simultaenous dice rolls and the adjustable compartments mean you can organise by dice or tokens with ease.

Dimensions: (W) 210mm x (L) 210mm x (H) 56mm

Each compartment is also wide enough to hold and organise standard size cards so they can be organised for your board games.

This product is made of 3mm MDF and is supplied unassembled. We recommend The Colour Forge Basing Glue to assemble it.

Dice not included