Age of Sigmar: Seraphon Army Set

Age of Sigmar: Seraphon Army Set

  • £130.00

Release date: 29/04/2023

Requires assembly and painting.

Commanded from atop a floating palanquin by a customisable Slann Starmaster – a wizard of immense age and might, carrying technology wrought by long-lost gods – this army set makes a perfect foundation for your Seraphon army, and a great way for existing collectors to expand their force with brand new miniatures. A cohort of brutal Saurus Warriors guard their ancient master with savage instincts and fierce strength, while cunning skink cavalry races up the flanks atop swift pack-predators – tossing deadly javelins as Raptadon Hunters or wielding arcane stave-lances as Raptadon Chargers.

Also included is an exclusive launch edition of Battletome: Seraphon, filled with rules, lore, and stunning artwork, featuring a soft-touch cover, teal ribbon marker and gold gilt page edges. Going to battle with your reptilian collection is made even simpler by an exclusive set of warscroll cards, enhancement cards, and tokens that will help you carry out the Great Plan – all only available in this boxed set.