Necromunda: House Of Chains

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Get the ultimate guide to the youngest of the six clan houses on Necromunda. This 160-page hardback book included the history of the House and rules for fielding the six different types of fighters available to House Goliath including Forge Tyrants, Forge Bosses, Stimmers, Forge-born, Bruisers and Bullies. 

The book includes the background and history of House Goliath, a gang list, rules for hiring Hangers-on and Brutes and rules for using Bounty Hunters, House Agents, and Hive Scum.

It also includes rules for using and forming alliances with three other organisations within Necromunda that House Goliath has connections with, new and additional rules usable by House Goliath gangs in games of Necromunda.

As if that's not enough, you can also find the Slave Ogryn Gang History, Background and Gang List, a Weapon Reference Chart, a D66 table of Goliath Gang Tactics and rules for hiring and using six brand new Dramatis Personae characters.

This is an expansion to Necromunda €“ the Necromunda Rulebook.

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