Milliput: Standard: 113g Stick

Milliput: Standard: 113g Stick

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Milliput is an extremely versatile two part epoxy putty that no one should be without. Its uses range from modelling to plumbing, car bodies, caravan and boat repairs to many other in home and industry making it an essential purchase. The two sticks have a long shelf life but once mixed the resultant putty is at first soft and highly adhesive and then gradually hardens. Speed of hardening is dependent on temperature and at normal temperatures (20-25ºC) Milliput becomes rock hard in three to four hours. By the application of heat the setting time can be reduced to a few minutes.

After setting hard Milliput continues to cure and is fully cured after an elapse of time equal to the setting time at the same temperature. Once fully cured Milliput can be machined, drilled, tapped, turned, filed, sawn, sandpapered and painted. Milliput can be sandpapered and painted immediately it has set.

Milliput is an excellent adhesive and will bond any of the following to itself or to any of the others - wood, brick, cement, metals, concrete, plastics, glass etc, but note that Milliput is not intended as a thin layer adhesive and should not be used where a paste, mucilage or thin glue is indicated. Milliput will set under water and is heat resistant up to 130°C.

Main Features:

- Milliput Standard Yellow-Grey two part epoxy putty 4oz (113.4g)
- Milliput is a versatile putty which adheres to and will seal or bond metals, wood, plastics, glass, tile brick, cement, etc
- Can be sculpted and when set can be turned, sawn, drilled, tapped, filed, sandpapered, painted or cellulose sprayed
- Ideal for mould making and can be cast
- Extensive use in industry
- Will set under water
- Heat resisting to 130 degrees
- For military, railway, farm and ship modelling as well as car body and many more uses.