Rumbleslam: Nobgoblins

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Bobby and Bill aren't just any goblins. For a start, their stats are a lot more reliable, and have good chances to deliver those important Beatdowns. Those stats aren't the end of it though, as the Small Goblin Syndrome Passive Ability makes them better at hurting anyone bigger than them!

Bobby has the king of all Rope Abilities. Running Pitchfork can move across the entire ring, and when it hits, it hits everything in base contact! Bill on the other hand lacks a Turnbuckle Ability, but makes up for it with a decent Grapple Ability and Rope Ability, of which he can do BOTH in a single activation, with AP to spare!

Finally, Honky Tonk is their Tag Ability. The Nobgoblins get together to play a terrible tune that'll make their opponents dizzy!

Requires assembly and painting.