Age of Sigmar: Slaves To Darkness: Chaos Warriors

Age of Sigmar: Slaves To Darkness: Chaos Warriors

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This multipart plastic kit builds 10 Chaos Warriors the armoured core of the Everchosen's legions, formidable on the defence and fearsome on the assault. Each Chaos Warrior carries a Chaos runeshield, and can be armed with either a murderous weapon in the form of a sword, axe, maul, or hammer or a long-handled, ensorcelled halberd. The kit also provides components to build one model as an Aspiring Champion with a unique murderous weapon and a choice of unique heads, as well as a Hornblower musician and a Standard Bearer with a choice of two banners and two Chaotic sigils.

The kit includes a wide variety of different helmets, bare heads, poses, runeshields, weapons, and halberd heads, all of which are entirely interchangeable allowing you to ensure your Chaos Warriors look totally unique no matter how large your Chaotic legion grows.

Requires assembly and painting.

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