WarCry Organised Play - Tournament Rules


Before attending the tournament, each player will need to prepare a 1000 point warband following the core rules for mustering a warband.

You will also need to separate your warband into a Dagger, Shield and Hammer following the core rules, and note down on your tournament roster (available at the store as part of your ticket price) which fighters are in each of these battle groups.

This is set for the duration of the tournament, so players cannot alter their warband or groupings from battle to battle.


At the start of each round a battleplan will be randomly determined that all players will play, and the the twist card that will be in play. Twist Cards with the Chaotic Beasts runemark will not be in play for this tournament.

In the first tournament round, the players are randomly drawn an opponent. In each subsequent tournament round, the players with the two highest tournament points scores play each other, as do the players with the next two highest tournament points scores, and so on.

Players are awarded tournament points after each battle as follows:

Won the battle and less than half of the fighters in your warband were taken down. 20 pts
Won the battle and half or more of the fighters in your warband were taken down. 15 pts
Lost the battle and half or more of the fighters in your opponent's warband were taken down. 5 pts
Lost the battle and less than half of the fighters in your opponent's warband were taken down.  0 pts

Completed your Hidden Agenda.

1 pt



The rules for Hidden Agendas can be found on page 79 of the Warcry Core Book.


This tournament will allow the use of Monsters and Mercenaries however your Warband may not exceed 1000 points.


Players are to be respectful and cooperative to their opponent, tournament staff, and witnessing bystanders at all times.

If, during a game, a dispute occurs, the players should immediately call over the Event Organizer or other previously noted Event Staff to resolve the dispute. In such cases the Official’s answer is final.

If, at any point during the event, a player expresses behavior that is disruptive, rude, or otherwise acts in a non-respectful manner toward their opponent or event staff (including, but not limited to, cheating, stalling, bullying, improper play, argumentative and/ or hostile attitude), they may be immediately disqualified by the event staff. Disqualified players immediately forfeit any prizes and are asked to remove themselves from the event. If they refuse to do so, further action will be taken.

Please note, do not handle another player's miniatures or belongings without the owners permission - this includes during and after a tournament game.


9AM - 9:30AM Registration
9:30AM - 11:00AM Round 1
11:15AM - 12:45PM Round 2
1PM - 2PM Lunch
2:15PM - 3:45PM Round 3
4PM - 4:30PM Awards