Blood Bowl Tournament Regulations

Items that you NEED to bring:
- Your Team of Miniatures (Minimum 3 colours). Each individual team member must be numbered so your opponent can differentiate your players at a glance. Numbers do not have to be on the model, but as a minimum be featured on the base.
- Face mask/shield to be worn at all times while you are in the store.
- 3 copies of your team roster (one to hand in).
- D8, 2D6, D16 and a set of Block dice.
- 1 Board and at least 1 Dugout
Items that are RECOMENDED to bring:
- A copy of the most recent Blood Bowl Rule Book.
- All relevant Spike! Magazines associated with your team/rules


All of the teams available in the Current Blood Bowl Rulebook; including relevant White Dwarf or official publications like Spike! Magazine.


 Coaches have 1,200,000 gold with which to build their teams. All teams will be required to field at least 11 players, including Stars. 

Coaches may include 0-1 Star Players as part of their team. All of the Star Players from the Rulebook (and/or the Blood Bowl Compendiums) and from Spike! Magazines 1-9 will be allowed including any official erratas.

Star Players can be found in the official Rulebook and relevant Spike! Magazines.

The following Inducements are allowed:
0-1 Star Players
0-2 Bloodweiser Babes
0-3 Bribes
0-1 Master Chef
0-2 Wandering Apothecaries
0-1 Igor (see Spike! Issue 04)

If you spend less than the 1.2M, you will not be entitled to Inducements on a game by game basis.

Note: In the Spike! Undead issue, Undead Coaches can raise opposing players from the dead, following the usual rules, but since this is a “resurrection” Tournament, teams revert to their starting rosters each round. Undead raised cannot therefore be carried from game to game. Apothecaries however, may be used as normal.

Skill Pack: After purchasing your team of 11 or more players (including Stars) and any Inducement options, you may add skills to your team, based on that team’s Player Improvements.

Teams have the following skill selections:

TIER 1 = Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Dark Elf, High Elf, Lizardmen, Norse, Shambling Undead, Skaven, Underworld Denizens, Wood Elf

+3 normal skills

THEN choose 1:

• Trade a normal skill to a double skill.

• Choose an extra normal skill, or

• Get +10.000 gp for team building.

TIER 2 = Black Orc, Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, Elven Union, Human, Imperial Nobility, Khorne, Necromantic Horror, Nurgle, Old World Alliance, Orc, Tomb Kings, Vampire

+3 normal skills

THEN choose 1:

• Choose 1 extra double skill.

• Choose 2 extra normal skills.

• Get +25.000 gp for team building.

TIER 3 = Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Snotling

+4 normal skills and 1 double skill

THEN choose 1:

• Choose 2 extra normal skills.

• Get +25.000 gp for team building and choose an extra normal skill. 

• Get +50.000 gp for team building.

Note: Star players may not be given additional skills and no player can add more than one skill (normal or double). There are no other limits to skill selection. 

For Team Roster Sheets, click here
For Teams Of Legend, click here


The tournament is played over 1 day and will use the ‘Exhibition Play’ rules (p101-103 of the official Rulebook). This means that each team remains unchanged throughout the day, no winnings, no SPP, injuries do not carry over.

Each coach will participate in 3 games, “Swiss” style. Therefore, in the first round, coaches will be randomly matched against other coaches. After that, the coaches will be allocated by win record to encourage same skill level of play. The only other rule regarding pairings is that you can never play the same opponent twice. For this reason, you may find that your opponents don’t always have a record identical to yours. 

To stay on schedule, we ask that you play at a brisk pace with no time wasting please. To help with this we encourage the use of game timers. While it is of course up to you and your opponent to decide how strictly you wish to enforce the rule on turn time, we ask that you use a turn time of 3.5 minutes (210 seconds) as at least a guide so that games don’t fall behind. We will also not be using the Overtime Rules in the CRP: if a game is tied at the end of two halves, it will be recorded as a tie. Each game will be measured at 2 hours long in order to allow time for a 15 minute break between games.


09:30 - Registration

10:00 - First Game

12:00 - Lunch Break

12:45 - Second Game

15:00 - Final Game

17:00 - Results and Prizes!


After each game you will record the game results on the results form. Points are awarded as follows:

Win = 65
Loss = 0
Tie = 25

“Coaching Record:” Any ties in the standings for any award will be broken by TD Difference, and finally by Casualty Difference. If a tie still remains, then we will apply the below tie-breaker points.

Scoring Tie Breakers
“Blowout:” Won by 2+TDs = +5
“So close:” Lost by only 1TD = +5
“Crushed:” Caused 4+ Cas from non-weapon “Block” actions = +5
These bonus points will NOT be added to your overall total, and will be used only to break ties.

Forfeits: Should your opponent for any reason be unable to play during the allotted time (ie must leave early or arrives more than 30 minutes late), you will be awarded a win. If your game has begun, record the score and casualties as of the time the game ended, and the winner will receive bonus TDs to bring the game to a 2-point lead for the winner. The Casualty record will not be changed. 

Timeout: If your game cannot be completed within the 2 hour time limit, then the game will be decided based on its current score. We do have clocks to enforce the 3 and-a-half minute time limit, but if you feel that at any time your opponent is “stalling,” then please let us know. 

This tournament is obviously competitive, but the main point is for everyone to have fun! Each coach will have the opportunity to vote on which opponent deserves the Outstanding Sportsmanship award. After your last game you will select your three favourite opponents from your games. Rank matters here; most favourite will earn more sportsmanship points than third most favourite (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd). These points will NOT be added to the players’ overall scores, but they will be used to determine tiebreakers for the Sportsmanship prize.


You may use models from any manufacturing company to represent the players on your team, and you will be eligible to win the prize for Best Painted Team. Coaches will vote on their three favourite teams from the event. We recommend using the following criteria:

Bases: All the bases in the team, including side-line staff are painted and textured in some manner. A green undercoat is not enough.

Painted: The team should be painted. All models have at least three (3) colours on them. Undercoats should not be visible.

Representative: All models on the team are representative of the race and position that they are to portray. Extra weapons that are not part of a finished and painted figure should be removed. Interestingly converted teams will be considered along with stock teams. After all, the hobby aspect is part of the game as well! Therefore conversions are certainly encouraged; out of fairness to your opponent, however, we ask that the positions of players at least follow some sort of reasoning. For instance, if you want to play an all-Halfling Ogre team, it should be obvious which Halflings represent Ogres and which represent Snotlings.

Detailed: All models have had details painted in a variety of colours or with noticeable effects. This can be shading, highlighting, numbered shoulder pads, etc. This discriminates between the merely painted team and the team that has had some attention paid to it.

WOW Factor: This includes but is not limited to conversions, base and flock, putty work, display cases or trays and coaching staff. A team with no conversions but with a paint job that is above average will probably be noticed as well. Basically, this covers anything that makes the us go WOW!!

Opponent Scoring: After every game, players will be asked to look over the teams as presented by the players. A secret ballot will be used to determine the Best Painted trophy. Naturally we ask that coaches vote honestly, and not just select their friends’ teams. We really want the most impressive team to win, and to encourage coaches to bring their best. If you did not paint your own team, we ask that you do not present your team for judging, unless the person who painted your team is also at the event. In that case, feel free to present the team under the name of the coach who painted it.


The reward for all your hard work, the creme de la creme, the icing on the cake... will be announced shortly. Keep checking back for more updates on the Facebook Event Page for what prizes will be up for grabs!