Warhammer: Start Collecting! Skinks

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The perfect way to start a Skink army!

Start Collecting! Skinks makes starting a Skink based army of Seraphon super simple. Inside, you'll find a Skink Starpriest to lead your forces, a unit of skirmishing Skinks to scout ahead of them. It saves you money compared to getting the kits separately €“ and contains an exclusive warscroll battalion to boot!

This set contains 1 Skink Starpriest, 12 Skinks (with various weapon and equipment options including meteoric javelins, star-bucklers, celestite daggers, boltspitters and moonstone clubs), 3 Terradon Riders (with the alternative option to build 3 Ripperdactyl Riders, a Terradon Chief or a Ripperdactyl Chief) and 1 Bastiladon armed with your choice of an Ark of Sotek or Solar Engine.

Requires assembly and painting.

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