Dwarf Mechanic & Glory Seeker

Rumbleslam: Dwarf Mechanic & Glory Seeker

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Two Dwarfs with very different roles! The Dwarf Mechanic is best suited alongside a Golem offering his services to repair it throughout the match. However, that’s not all he can do, with a powerful Turnbuckle Ability and a solid Full Nelson. The Glory Seeker on the other hand is anything but a support character, with a burst of speed and an Attack stat which will make a mockery of even the biggest fighters. Death In Battle will keep him in the ring until KO’d, and Martyr Bomb is the single most powerful attack in the game. 

Requires assembly and painting. 

Painted to Order
This miniature is also available painted to order. To take a look at examples of our work, visit our commissions page. All items painted to order will be completed to a table-top standard (3/4 colours and a wash) using the colour scheme in the item’s picture as a guide. As these are painted to order, lead times can vary from 2 to 6 weeks. For more details email info@dukes-gaming.com

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