Digimon Card Game: Battle Of Omni Booster Box (BT-05)

Digimon Card Game: Battle Of Omni Booster Box (BT-05)

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The Digimon Card Game is a competitive trading card game that has never been released in the UK, until now!

Each player has a companion Digimon in the battle area to attack the opponent.
Your Digimon evolves, gets stronger, and gains new power!

You win by beating your opponent’s security (reducing your opponent’s Security Area cards to zero) and delivering a knockout blow!

For more information, visit the official Digimon Card Game website.

All time fan favourite Omnimon appears as the main character of the set!

Set 5 also includes characters from the Digimon console game "Cyber Sleuth" that all Digimon fans will love!

Common × 44
Uncommon × 30
Rare × 26
Super Rare × 10
Secret Rare × 2
*Parallel cards × 12*
Total 112 card types

Contains 24 booster packs.