Adeptus Titanicus: Shadow And Iron

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Discover the secrets of the Shadow Crusade and the Crusade of Iron in this 97-page hardback supplement for Adeptus Titanicus, alongside a host of new rules to use in your games. Harness the psychic might of the Ordo Sinister and devastate your foes with warp-spawned powers. 

Inside the book you will find an overview of the Shadow Crusade and Crusade of Iron, rules for using psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister, background and rules for six Titan Legions, six Knight Houses and full colour examples of paint schemes and heraldry.

It also includes four new maniples to use in your games, rules for three new weapons, 18 new Stratagems, 5 narrative missions, guidelines for map campaigns, how to build and maintain a Titan battlegroup or Knight Household across multiple games as well as rules for hostile battlefields.

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