23rd September - Wilds of Eldraine Draft!

23rd September - Wilds of Eldraine Draft!

  • £25.00

We are so excited to announce our Wilds of Eldraine Draft!

Coming to you on 23rd September 2023, this will be one of a regularly run event featuring MTG Draft Boxes and will be a limited ticketed event.

Draft will cost £25 to secure your place at the table. Don't forget to check out our Facebook Events page here or join the official Duke's Gaming Community Discord here.

Please arrive for the draft at 09:45 and we'll start at 10:00.

40 minutes will be dedicated to drafting from the boosters, we'll begin games at 10:50.

- Game Round 1: 10:50 - 11:30
- Game Round 2: 11:35 - 12:15
- Game Round 3: 12:20 - 13:00

As you can see from the above, we'll be running fairly tight on time, it's important to be on time and we'll need to keep things ticking along during the draft stage so go with your instinct on those difficult picks!

We'll be playing Swiss format so winners will play winners etc.

Assuming we have a full turn out prize structure will be as follows:

Everyone will get a participation prize at the end of the evening as long as you play all three of your games.

Remaining 4 boosters will go:
1st 2 extra boosters (total of 3 at end of the evening)
2nd 1 extra booster (total of 2 at end of the evening)
3rd 1 extra booster (total of 2 at end of the evening)

Additional Draft Booster and a Drink included in the price!

Please note, all tickets are non-refundable and places are exceptionally limited.